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  • HDD Disk: 30GB
  • Memory: 1024MB
  • Data Transfer: Unmetered
  • IPv4: 1 item
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Permanent presence and continious monitoring are two things you need as a trader. If you already tried yourself in the industry, you may have faced such problems as poor connectivity, a power or network outage. So when downtime is not an option, you need a cost-effective and reliable online solution that will allow you to concentrate on strategies, indicators, signals, etc.
Our optimized virtual enviroment brings together all the power and traditional security of UNIX. Forget about system security updates and other operating-system-level details and get get the safest working environment.
What Makes Your Offer Unique?
We offer ultra low latency and proximity to TelX Finance Exchange network which means that you could connect to your broker's platform located in TelX or NYC within 0,5-1ms. We guarantee 100% power uptime that has been verified by Sandy Hurricate last year, 6 onsite power generators will keep your MT4 online 24x7. Using secured access to MT4 from anywhere in the world via OpenVPN you could forget about data leaks even if you are working from public libraries or cafes.
Tell me More About Security of Data Access
By default, remote desktop management is performed via plain VNC being exposed directly to the whole internet. VNC itself doesn't support any kind of encryption so if you care about security you should be interested in hiding the VNC service behind the VPN (virtual private network). In that case you'll need to establish encrypted tunnel with the server before proceeding with remote management with VNC. We've already taken care of that, OpenVPN has been installed for you and will provide easy-to-follow instructions on how to connect to MT4 via OpenVPN.
0. Prerequisites
To start working with your MT4 VPS, you will need to check if you have each of the software installed on your side:

* VNC Client to manage remote desktop over the internet.
We recommend you to use VNC(r) Viewer from RealVNC ( Just choose installer for your operating system, download it and go through installation steps. If you're a GNU/Linux user you can install VNC viewer from console. For Debian or any other Debian-based distro:
# apt-get install xtightvncviewer

For RPM-based distros:
# yum install vnc

And then connect to server:
$ vncviewer A.B.C.D:10081

* FTP Client (optionally) for file transfer.This is optional because the preferred way to get your files (EAs, indicators, scripts, etc) on the VPS is downloading them from the internet using Opera browser. We recommend FileZilla ( for these purposes. It should be installed on local computer in the same manner as VNC Client.

* OpenVPN Client (optionally) to keep your connection secured.

Steps You Should Take to Start Working

1. Connecting to server
Start your VNC Client. Then, in case you installled RealVNC, type server address and TCP port in field "VNC Server" in such format:

Then press "Connect". The "Unencrypted Connection" alert will appear. Then check "Do not warn me about this" option and press "Continue". Then put the password we sent you via email to authenticate and press "OK".

2. Starting MetaTrader.
If the authentication succeeded you will see the remote desktop window. There will be nothing except empty taskbar and solid desktop background.
It's time to start using pre-installed applications. Do the mouse right-click on background area to access application menu. Then click on application's name to start it.
The VPS is equipped with Total Commander File Manager. Start it from application menu and navigate through the directory tree to the MetaTrader config directories are:
C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 4
C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 5

So you'll be able to put your MT config and additional files in place.

In case you want to upload them via FTP, connect to your VPS using the FTP Client and pass authentication with user name and password we sent you after initial setup.

Then change directory to:
.wine/drive_c/Program Files/MetaTrader 4 (or 5)
What Steps Do I Take to Start Forex Trading?
  • Order MT4 VPS
  • Get server access data from the welcome email and open remote desktop connection
  • Enter server IP from your welcome email and click on Connect
  • Enter your username and password
  • Setup your Forex account info and you can trade 24x7
Our Clients Say About Us
  • "All seems to work perfectly, trades, robots, backtests. I think it is perfect for trader use."
    Lionel Eric
  • "..My choice of using Natcoweb was based on reasonable pricing structure, specialised MT4 hosting and quick set-up"
    Alain Guillemain
    Managing Director, Philia Capital Management Pty Ltd